Trust me you need them.

I bought these little cuties sometime last week and I already feel like I haven't put them down. Not only are they addictive in my eyes they are AMAZING. The picture doesn't really do them justice if I'm honest. They are plain white, look practically like plimsolls but with a good sized platform. Anything with some sort of heel wins for me these days, I adore the extra height! They are ridiculously comfy and being plain white Ive literally found that I can wear them with near enough anything. Whether it be a casual look with skinnys and a plain tee, or with leggings and a blouse these match. They were only £20 from River Island so I couldn't resist and they are definitely more than worth the price. I would recommend them to anyone! Heaven sent.




I apologise for the lack of posts its my crazy last week at college finally! With deadline on Friday and many assignments left to do it hasn't left me with much time for anything else. I will be back with a more interesting post soon I promise!




So yesterday evening me and my best friend decided to go cinema for the first time in months. Literally! We watched 'The Silent House' which in my opinion was great, I love my horrors. Nicole however practically hid behind her coat and clung on to me the whole time, bless her!

After the film we just felt like the night shouldn't end here so we decided to go for some food (even though we should be saving for our city break, naughty naughty) we are soooo indecisive that we took about a hour deciding where to go between Coal, Giraffe, Tampopo, Nandos, Frankie & Bennie's and La Tasca. You can understand why the decision was so hard right? Anywhooo we decided to try something new and went for Tampopo! I will definitely be going back its like loads of different Eastern and Asian foods. I had some sort of chicken noodle curry and practically had a food orgasm it was so good as a passionate food lover this is one to try!


Girl on a mission

Okay beauty readers/bloggers I need your help! I am on the hunt for a black liquid eyeliner, that doesnt smudge and doesnt have a thick pen to apply it with. Ive looked absolutely EVERYWHERE and Ive either found ones that dont smudge but come out thick or vise versa! Nightmare

So if any of you know of such a eyeliner then please let me know!!! :)



Wish List - May '12

Okay now I think id be lying if i said we all didn't have a wish list, right? From clothes and shoes to make-up and jewellery us women can never ever have enough! Even with our wardrobes bursting to the brim. So I thought id share with you all my wish list for may.

Lime blazer - River Island
Low white leather converse - Schuh
White slim fit jeans - Zara
Light pink peep-toe sling back heels - River Island

Now of course this isn't EVERYTHING I want but its the things ill most likely buy this month! Whats on your wish lists for May?

Explanation Time

Okay beautiful readers, this is just a quick explanation.
I am a passionate lover of fashion currently studying a Btec in Business at college. I love creative writing and decided to pursue a future in the two combined. TADAA and here you have me! - an aspiring Fashion critic/journalist/writer, whatever you want to call it that's what I'm aiming to be :) I wont pretend to be some expert in the area I'm just using my blog to gain some much needed experience in writing about fashion and also improving my writing skills.

This is where you guys come in! Feel free to help me along the way by either naming any garments/products you want me to review (female or male - not male skin products or any of that of course) and also by giving me any tips or comments on my writing. Don't be shy, I don't bite! Welcome to my journey..

Tianna Marissa Carmen Williams Jackson xo


Beautiful Disaster

White wedge sandals - River Island
Okay so I've had my eye on these babies for a while now and finally decided to buy them. However after wearing them around my house for a hour or two I have no choice but to bring them back! Heartbroken of course.

You see as beautiful as they are, because of the style of the wedge they literally make my feet look 3 sizes bigger then they actually are. I'm a size 3/4 and a friend reluctantly admitted that with these on, my feet look about a 5/6. Which is a perfectly normal size but being just 5'4 it looks like I have miniature boats attached to the bottom of my legs. Not cool.

Its frustrating because they really are extremely cute, comfortable and also different to the usual high wedge and at just £35 its a shame that they are so unflattering but to anyone that's conscious about their feet, I unfortunately wouldn't advise these.

If you do have a pair similar to this style I would love to know your thoughts on them! :)


Its a Plazzo Partyyy

The 'Plazzo' Trousers, Summer must have!

Aren't these trousers just the definition of beautiful? I have absolutely fallen for these three from River Island  and believe they are a must for any women's summer wardrobe. Made fitted around the waist and bum showing off a hour glass shape, then followed by a gradual flare these trousers can be extremely versatile. Team with a pair of wedges and a thin strapped loose vest for the night or sandals and a demin jacket for the day and you have yourself two beautiful, yet simple outfits.

Which are your fave?